Dear Fellow Artists All Over The World,

We want to invite YOU for an international multidisciplinary art show, MoMo’s Private Budapest.

No limitations in gender, age, race, belief, career achievements, nationality whatsoever.
No fees involved, participation and application is FREE. (There is no catch.)

The challenge is this:
1. Create a piece of art that embodies how you feel about Budapest. That is, what Budapest is for you. Your “Private Budapest”.
2. Genres invited are: Animation, Dance, Digital, Film & Video, Literature, Media Arts, Music & Sound, Painting, Performance, Photography, Visual Arts.
3. Size/Length:
• Picture files not to exceed but as close as possible to 5MB, min. resolution 300dpi. The original pictures of which the photo is sent are not to exceed 50x70cm or 70x50cm.
• Video files not to exceed 20 minutes in length and to be transferable over the internet, such via WeTransfer or
• Performances and music files no longer than 5 minutes.

There will be a final multidisciplinary art show titled MoMo’s Private Budapest where the best works will be presented to the public in a multidisciplinary art hub in the heart of Budapest. The best pictures (paintings, electrographs, photos) will be exhibited; film, music and other performances will be presented to the audience as a video showing.

Option for performances, dances, or music pieces: If the winning artists or artist formations are keen to personally perform their piece live, we will provide the necessary equipment and a stage to do so. However, we do NOT pay for your travel, accommodation and food, should you decide to personally participate.

Format: Submissions are expected in digital format. That is, visual art (pictures, installations), video files of performances or dance performances, sound or video files of music, video files of films, all in digital format; Word files for writings (prose, poetry). Writings are only accepted in English or Hungarian languages.

Procedure of submitting: We expect submissions to start arriving as of right now.

Featuring artists: Every two weeks we would like to post (on our Facebook page) and advertise the best work submitted of that particular two-week span, also introducing and promoting the artist who created it. Therefore we would like to receive a webpage or Facebook page link about the artists. If such pages do not exist, we would like an additional 4 files of other works from each artist as well as a short description of the artist (whatever the person finds important to mention about themselves as introduction to them as artists). We want to share this short introduction about the best artist of each two-week period until the very end of the submission period.

Deadline: 19 September, 2016, midnight CET.

Submissions as well as any questions you may have are to be sent to be sent to